Rafał Żarski

Time is over

  • The world is good and safe.
  • Beauty surrounds me.
  • I love my life.
  • I love art.
  • I am breathing calmly and deeply.
  • I feel my body relaxing.
  • I float freely.
  • Being free is my bodys and minds natural state.
  • I am freeing myself.
  • I am ridding myself of all burdens.
  • I release that which is external, imposed, and unnecessary.
  • I am returning to myself.
  • I am breaking free from the heaviness.
  • I feel freedom, ease, lightness.
  • I feel strength and peace.
  • I am flowing with the current and nothing is able to stop me.
  • I am returning to the source.
  • I feel safe.
  • I forgive others as well as myself.
  • I am freeing myself from the weight of sorrow and grievances.
  • I can finally feel freedom.
  • No one and nothing can harm me if I dont let them.
  • I am breaking free from dependences and evil.
  • The demons are backing away.
  • Only pure light remains.
  • My soul is free forever.
  • I feel unity.


  • Rafał Żarski is not keen on working under the pressure of time; nonetheless, he does everything in his power. He is interested in the everyday, banality, and the monotony of surrounding reality. His works are analytical, supported by deep research and at the same time, intuitive attempts to understand the world around us. The artists master's degree undertook the issue of the mechanisms governing the contemporary systems of design, on whose basis artistic productions are formed. It developed slowly, outside the pressures of deadlines.
    • This particular project was the point of departure for the implementation of Time is Over inside the Bank Pekao Project Room. In addition to work and education, our free time is also subject to the constant pressures of productivity and efficiency. The pressure to work more, longer and faster has led to the creation of an interesting construct that is the culture of relaxation.