Ujazdowski at the Bon Art Book Fair in Iran

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art will present its publications at the Bon Art Book Fair on the 6th-7th of September, 2018 in Keresht,located in the north eastern suburb of Tehran.  

Bon Art Book Fair is a two-day event, organized by Bon-gah collective, as Iran's first art book fair. At its first edition, the event provides a professional framework for a dynamic dialogue about art books.  

The fair aims to expand the network between local and international nonprofits, artist-runs, and independent publishers while reaching a wider audience through hosting workshops, talks and presentations.

This year's theme, Book as an Art Medium, deals with the boundaries that define what an art book could be and the possibilities that book as a medium can entail. 

Ujazdowski will display art books published as a result of international artistic residencies.

More information about the event may be found here.