residency: March 2014

Daniel Popa (Romania)

  • Daniel Popa
    • attented the National Film and Drama University in Bucharest, the Moving Academy for Performing Arts in Berlin, the Rutger Hauer Film Factory Masterclass in Rotterdam. Played in Romanian, English and French on various stages around the world, including Bucharest, New York, Rome, Milan, Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Madrid, both in independent and mainstream theatre productions. He has received several awards, including award in the Cinemaiubit International Film Festival for Dac - Air as Best Actor, Project Fringe Award for You Can't Feel It Here at the Dublin Fringe. His work The Sunshine Play has been awarded by the London Fringe Report. Popa has been honored at the Graz Blog the Theatre Festival as Best Director for Scent of a Woman.
      • Artistic Director of the National Independent Theatre Festival in Romania. He is founder and Artistic Director of Doctor's Studioindependent artists association promoting contemporary theatre and film, with strong connections to today's realities and political and social context. 
    • At the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art Daniel will be finishing the editing for his documentary In Debt We Art. In this film project 35 Romanian artists involved and active in the independent theatre scene, talk about their biggest debt and what makes them get up in the morning.
Residency has been possible thanks to financial support of the City of Warsaw.