research visit: November 2016

hyslom ヒスロム (Japan)

Hyslom / ヒ ス ロ ム

is an artistic collective established in 2009, which includes Itaru Kato / 加藤 至 (b. 1985), Fuminori Hoshino / 星野 文 紀 (b. 1986), and Yuu Yoshida / 吉田 祐 (b. 1987). All the artists are graduates of Kyoto Seika University, where they studied visual arts, architecture, and textile design. They participated in activities of Contact Gonzo and Social Kitchen in Kyoto, among others. Their practice is based on a performative research of the changing environment and covers a broad range of media performance, theatre, sound, dance, visual arts, workshops, and happenings. The departure point of their work is the unconventional use of the body and play, which create a relationship with the surroundings and is the basis for building sui generis reports from meetings between people and things and working with the landscape. They have presented their works at, amongst other places, the haps in Kyoto, the Arts Challenge in the Aichi Arts Center, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne, the gallery White Rainbow in London, the Kobe Art Village Center, and at the Aomori Museum of Art.

This residency is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.