residency: April 2016

Irma Chantily (Indonezja)

Irma Chantily 

is a photography enthusiast, despite not being a photographer. She has been writing about photography for print and online media as well as being actively involved in photography and art exhibitions. Chantily has also taken part in research projects regarding photography in Indonesia, and co-founded, a website dedicated to the archiving of Indonesias history of photography. She was the co-curator for OK Video (Muslihat, 2013), co-curator for Jakarta International Photo Summit, as well as co-curator for Jakarta Biennale 2015. She currently works as a program manager on art and creative economy for the British Council, and is also a freelance lecturer at the Jakarta Arts Institute, Department of Photography. Irma Chantily is a coordinator of the exhibition organized in the frames of Polish-Indonesian project Social Design for Social Living taking place in June and July 2016 at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta.

The residency has been organized thanks to the financial support of the City of Warsaw.