residency: AprilJune 2009

Martin Kaltwasser & Folke Köbberling (Germany)

Martin Kaltwasser i Folke Köbberling

The German art duo specialize in public space projects designs and use for the park in front of the Ujazdowski Castle by turning it into a place of "passive and active laziness". After interviewing CCA employees and guests to learn their vision for the park, the artists will conduct interventions in the park such as constructing recreational facilities (an improvised pool, sports field, dance floor, open-air theater, childrens and adult playground) and other temporary objects such as the entrance to the CCA gallery, roofing hung between trees and an exposition pavilion. The park project will be accompanied by screenings, lectures, and discussions about alternative uses for urban public space. This project uses spatial revitalization techniques as well as recycling the objects created by the artists will be mostly constructed of materials that are the waste of CCAs day to day exhibition activity.


  • Curators
    • Marianna Dobkowska, Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka, Jakub Szreder
  • Cooperation
    • Anna Ptak