residency: OctoberDecember 2011

Miya Masaoka (USA)

Miya Masaoka

(born Washington, 1958) American musician, composer and performer of Japanese origin, one of the most original members of the Bay Area Improv Scene in San Francisco, a founding member of the electro-acoustic experimental trio Maybe Monday. She mixes the traditional koto music with experimental sounds electro, industrial and amplified noises of insects (honeybees, Madagascar hissing cockroaches), human body (brain waves, heartbeats) and plants. She has composed a ballet (Alonzo Kings Lines Ballet), pieces for chamber orchestra and choir. She collaborated with many musicians and ensambles including Freth Frith and Ban on a Can. She is a director and founder of San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. She is an author of interactive and interdisciplinary performances which are the opportunity to reflection about mans place in the universe, his relations with nature, objects and his own body. Masaokas works has been presented in US, Japan, Canada, Europe and India.