residency: OctoberDecember 2006

Olav Westphalen (USA)

Olav Westphalen

is preparing a project titled Scores, consisting of collages and a performance by dancers and collaborators of the Dystans Dance Theatre. The artist is producing his collages from daily newspapers, in which the artist seeks out initially invisible connections, rhymes, patterns and even hidden narratives. The collages will then return to public space when they are displayed on billboards throughout Warsaw that will at once announce the next part of the project: an urban performance by Anna Piotrowska and her dance troupe. Within these performances they will become instruction manuals, notations of action, an inspiration toward reading images through gesture and movement.


  • Curator
    •  Marianna Dobkowska
  • Collaboration
    • Agata Urbanik, Ula Siemion
This residency stay and project was possible thanks to support from Headlands Centre for the Arts, Trust for Mutual Understanding and Polish Cultural Institute in New York.