residency: OctoberNovember 2020

Piotr and Andrzej (APE) (Poland)

Piotr and Andrzej (APE)

sociologist and linguist, respectively. Teachers, social activists, educators. They cooperate with each other as part of the Autonomiczna Przestrzeń Edukacyjna [Autonomous Educational Space] - a grassroots organization dealing with equalizing access to free education. For nearly five years, they (co-)conduct classes on social and political topics as well as workshops for grassroots organizations. Their interests overlap in the sphere of political philosophy maintained in the tradition of pluralist agonism. In addition, they share a passion for spicy dishes and beverages with a high caffeine content.

Piotr and Andrzej (APE) are participants of the ReDirecting: East x Empathic Pedagogies: Future Intimacies seminar.


  • Seminar curator

    • Marianna Dobkowska

  • Curatorial and conceptual collaboration

    • Amado Cabrales, Julia Harasimowicz, Lola Malavasi, Aisel Wicab

  • Coordinator

    • Katarzyna Sztarbała