residency: May 2013

Richard Câmara (Portugal)

  • Richard Câmara
    • born in Brussels, 1973. After studying architecture (UTL Architecture Faculty) and illustration, comics and animation (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), he developed a growing appetite for anything that needed an interesting visual solution. His graphical approach has been described as versatile and experimental, having worked in such fields as comics, children´s illustrated books, newspaper editorial illustration, urban sketching and drawing exhibition projects.
      • Ever since he was invited to be one of the founding members of the Urban Sketcher´s international online community, he has developed a steady and continuous practice of drawing in sketchbooks, carrying one everywhere he goes.
    • During his 15 days residency in Warsaw he is interested in exploring how one reacts to an unknown city, registering all his field observations and thoughts using nothing else but white paper sketchbooks, black ball-point pens and his senses. 
This residency has been possible thanks to financial support of the Institute Camões and the City of Warsaw.