residency: AugustOctober 2008

Señora Polaroiska en Sillon de Taller (Alaitz Arenzana & Maria Ibarretxe) (Hiszpania)

Señora Polaroiska on Chair in Studio

is an interdisciplinary duo from Bilbao making cinema where analysis of a certain subject matter determines the sequence of images, e.g. alienation and familiarization (Pero...¿tu eres tu? No, yo soy su, [But..., Are you you? No, I am you, 2003]) or submission (Lady Jibia, 2006). The authors set in motion familiar visual schematics, clichés of people and places, illusions of plot; they walk the line between performance, fiction and games. Choreography is an important element of their films (often celluloid) where the body in space is treated as an experimental field.

At CCA, the artists are working on a new film composition. They are seeking images of invisible/unseen work from the perspective of a world created by professionals, based on specialized knowledge and decision-making mechanisms removed from local contexts.


  • Curator
    • Marianna Dobkowska
  • Cooperation
    • Anna Ptak
This residency was implemented in association with Sala Rekalde, Bilbao, with support from the City of Warsaw.