exhibition catalogue

Les Éditions Incertain Sens

Edited by Leszek Brogowski

The artist's book frees the work. This liberation was the key idea of ​​the exhibition presented at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in 2006 and 2007. It consisted of several dozen publications by artists cooperating with the publishing house Les Éditions Incertain Sens, operating at Université Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne in France.

The artist's book, along with other forms of print such as leaflets and posters, finds the street and the reading room as places where art can meet new audiences, and in doing so helps to re-balance the two aspects of the work of power and meaning. This form of social presence of the work, not in the sense of a fuzzy experience of the art audience, who at best walks among the works hung in the museum, but in the sense of meeting in the street or in the library, invites to rethink the status of the work and the nature of aesthetic experience.

Artists: AAMCQ, Robert Barry, Denis Briand, Yves Chaudouët, herman de vries, Bruno di Rosa, Peter Downsbrough, Patrick Dubrac, Gilbert Dupuis, Estelle Fredet, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Antonio Gallego, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Véronique Hubert, Lefevre Jean Claude, Jean Le Gac, Laurent Marissal, Roberto Martinez, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Hubert Renard, Stephen Wright (Yann Toma), Christophe Viart, Éric Watier and others.

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