The Residents #9

Grayson Earle
Nadia Elamly
Agata Grzybowska
Paul Hutzli
Amy Pekal
Sasha Kurmaz
Fleur Roggeman

The ninth issue of The Residents magazine is a record of conversations with residents who worked with U–jazdowski in 2021. 

A girl from Antwerp, investigating the intersections between art, design and scenography. Two artists from Switzerland: one a social activist/filmmaker exploring the transformative potential of drag culture and public space, and the other a visual artist with a tongue-in-cheek approach to painting, sculpture and... teaching. A digital artist from the USA who bails people out of prison using cryptocurrencies. A Polish/American artist/activist creating works of art that are also useful. An artist from Ukraine who is in love with Polish avant-garde of the late 20th century. What can they all possibly have in common? The answer is simple: they all took part in the residency programme at the Ujazdowski Castle in 2021. Originating from different countries and focusing on different aspects of the wide spectrum of the artworld, Grayson Earle, Nadia Elamly, Paul Hutzli, Amy Pekal, Sasha Kurmaz and Fleur Roggeman found their temporary homes and studios in the Laboratory building. The photographs were taken by Agata Grzybowska. Interviews were conducted by Klara Czerniewska-Andryszczyk.

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