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Gemini Triptych

Gemini Triptych is a continuation and extension of three previous productions the 2006 Gemini and Gemini&after performed by Patrycja Dońska and Anna Piotrowska and 2017 Gemini performed by Artur Bieńkowski, Kamil Bończyk, and Alexey Torgunakov. The main theme of the original was the creation and the search for dependencies of Siamese sisters bound in a quasi-inseparable relationship. This became the starting point for further explorations in performances featuring three and five performers respectively.

The latest instalment of Gemini is a triptych, three parts united by Henryk Górecki compositions. The theme of the interdependence of the twins is supplemented with the context of the social ecosystem and the interdependencies of its elements. The essence of the performance re harmony-seeking physical dialogue, the strength of the (non)presence of the individual and bodily interactions of the community.


  • Choreography
    • Anna Piotrowska
  • Featuring
    • Kamil Bończyk
    • Joanna Brodniak
    • Anna Piotrowska
    • Alexey Torgunakov
    • Katarzyna Zioło
    • Paweł Murlik
    • Dastin Greczyło
  • Cover photo
    • Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre
  • Tickets
    • 15 zł, 25 zł, 35 zł
  • Duration
    • 60 minutes
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