Our neighbours who arent present

The stories of the inhabitants of Białowieża

  • Our neighbours who arent present - the stories of the inhabitants of Białowieża is a performance implemented by Katarzyna Winiarska and Joanna Troc with a group of children and youth from the Białowieża Wiejskaja Dziatwa group, which evokes the memory of the forgotten Jewish community in Białowieża, who lived here before the war, house to house with Belarussian and Polish, Orthodox as well as Catholic families.
  • Adaptation, staging and directing
    • Joanna Troc
  • Concept, gathering and development of the story
    • Katarzyna Winiarska
  • Music arrangement
    • Nika Jurczuk
  • Vocal preparation
    • Elżbieta Rojek
  • Studio scenography
    • Paweł Winiarski
  • Performing
    • Urszula Bajko, Kornelia Czeremczuk, Maks Czeremczuk, Marta Czurak, Nika Jurczuk, Amelia Kowalczyk, Maria Marczuk, Jan Sobociński, Oliwia Szpakowicz, Hanna Winiarska, Szymon Winiarski, Maria Wołosik 
  • We invite you to visit the Virtual Museum of the History of Jews in Białowieża
  • The performance is being carried out within the framework of the program of the Jacek Kuroń Educational Foundation in the city of Teremiski with funding from the Marshall Office in Białystok.
The performance is accompanying the seminar for teachers “Under the Bengali Fig Tree,” organized within the frames of the project “Children of Dust,” co-financed by Akademie Schloss Solitude and the Capital City of Warsaw.

Free admission
Duration: about 45 minutes
Language: Polish