Over the Limit

directed by Marta Prus, Poland/Germany/Finland 2017, 74' (English friendly)

  • Although the world of sport in Russia is inseparably connected with politics, propaganda, big money and glitz, Marta Prus avoids sensational topics and references in her film. Instead, she focuses on the brutality and intimacy of the daily training regimen and masterfully creates a portrait of rhythmic gymnast Margarita Mamun's relationship with her trainers during preparations for the Olympic Games in Brazil. For Irina Viner and Amina Zaripova, their protégé is, at least seemingly, "not a human being, but an athlete," "a dog that needs to be trained" so that the Russian anthem can be heard in Rio de Janeiro.
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  • Screenings
    • 07/12/2018 18:30 (Workspace)
    • 09/12/2018 17:30 (Cinema) Q&A with Marta Prus after the screening
  • Language
    • original version, subtitles: English, Polish
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