Inside the Russian Info War Machine

directed by Paul Moreira, France 2018, 97' (English friendly)

  • The Russian special services have perfected the art of manipulating information and have made it an effective weapon. Moreira's film shows examples of Russia's attempts to interfere in the presidential elections in France and the links between Russian security agencies and France's extreme right. Moreira pulls back the curtain to reveal how official Russian propaganda mediaRussia Today and Sputnikfunction, but he also devotes a lot of attention to anonymous aspects of the propaganda machine, i.e., hackers and online trolls. The film also shows how Russian interests are served by seemingly innocent events and public actions aimed at polarizing the public mood.
  • Admission free
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  • Screening
    • 11/12/2018 20:15 (Workspace)
  • Language
    • original version, subtitles: English, Polish
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