Andrei Sakharov: A Free Man

directed by Josif Pasternak, France 2010, 90' (English friendly)

Andrei Sakharov's life perfectly distills both the history of great conflicts of the 20th century and Russia's contemporary problems. Sakharov was one of the creators of the Soviet atomic bomb, but as early as the 1960s, realizing the potential consequences of the global nuclear conflict, he began to take steps to stop the arms race. In the 1970s, he created a committee to defend human rights and victims of political trials in the USSR. He was exiled to the city of Gorki for his participation in the dissident movement, where he remained under close KGB surveillance. He fought tirelessly for human rights throughout his life and was one of the first Russians to publicly condemn the war in Afghanistan. Scientific and political achievements gave Sakharov a prominent place in history while the story of his life offers a fresh perspective on today's Russia.


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