Ambience + Wild Relatives

Screening as part of Palestinian Films Review

  • Ambience

    • directed by Wisam Al Jafari, Palestine 2019, 15'

      • Khaled and Ahmad are two aspiring musicians. They live in Bethlehems Dheisha camp. Home to more than 15,000 people proves to be a place where no amount of soundproofing will result in finding good conditions for recording their music. They need to adapt and be creative, using the challenges of their surroundings to their advantage.


  • Wild Relatives

    • directed by Jumana Manna, Germany/ Norway/ Lebanon 2018, 70'

      • Deep under Norways permafrost in a vault, seeds from around the world are kept inside a Global Seed Bank in the event of a disaster. In 2012, the media spread the news that the gene bank in Aleppo had to abandon its collections and move to Lebanon as a result of the civil war. Then, for the first time, seeds from the Norwegian bank were used. The film tracks the path they must travel between Norway and Lebanon, revealing the complex dependencies and relationships between humans and non-humans. In the Middle East, the greatest threat is drought and global agricultural corporations, but behind the Arctic Circle  where the seeds were to survive everything  the rise in temperature and the melting of the glacier are now becoming apparent threats. The film combines various biographies and narratives within itself, creating a space for discussions on biodiversity, survival, global justice as well as climate change. It portrays the man-made disaster and shows the rather ambivalent ways of overcoming it.


  • Screening as part of Palestinian Films Review Personal is political: Film Forms of Resistance

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