The Sun and the Looking Glass + An Unusual Summer

Screening as part of Palestinian Films Review

  • The Sun and the Looking Glass
    • directed by Milena Desse, Palestine/Belgium 2020, 23'
      • Milena Desse’s film essay is a story of two old-Ottoman houses in a small village in the West Bank occupied since 1967. Using a magnifying glass, the director examines objects uncovered during the renovation of the houses. The processes of exposure and disappearance are the main motifs in the history of land and people subjected to colonial appropriation for decades.

  • An Unusual Summer
    • directed by Kamal Aljafari, Palestine 2020, 80'
      • Year 2006. Due to repeated acts of vandalism in front of the director’s family house, his father decides to install a camera. With it, he records the life of the Arab neighbourhood in the Israeli town of Ramla: the everyday choreography of the street, the relations between neighbours, the joyful and the painful moments. After his father’s death, the director transfers the camera recordings into an à dispositif film, inviting us to participate in a personal and political séance with a reality that has passed away.


  • Screening as part of Palestinian Films Review Personal is political: Film Forms of Resistance

The Sun and the Looking Glass – for one easily forgets but the tree remembers trailer

An Unusual Summer trailer

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    • available in the main hall of the Ujazdowski Castle 30 minutes before the screening