Spit Your Dream

Films by Małga Kubiak
Bloody Shadows

  • As part of the residency program “Three Springs, Kem will present the films of Malga Kubiak, an exceptional underground director and author on the Polish film scene.

    • Screenings will take place in two spaces of the Ujazdowski Castle. The film Bloody Shadows will be screened inside the cinema. In the Workspace, wherein Dragana Bar functioned during the summer, we will show the 3-channel film installation PSYCHOS.

  • Bloody Shadows
    • film will be shown in 2 parts, each 140
    • screening for adults only
    • Bloody Shadows is an epical poem drawing on the aesthetics of the nineteenth century about a student of the Smolny Institute in St. Petersburg, the great grandmother of Malga Kubiak (Ewelina Koziełło, from the house of Janiszewska), and Wilhelm II, the last emperor of Germany, a homosexual, for whom hunting was the merriest and most relaxing moment life could offer. Many times he had the opportunity to hunt in the Radziwiłł Estate near Nieśwież, a place, which in a historical perspective intertwines the fate of the heroesEwelina was also in this same place. The adult life of Malga's great-grandmother consisted of a series of pregnancies, births, and treatments after them. The film shows the fate of a nineteenth-century woman in unobvious contexts. It is based on facts and maintained in an opium-delirious styleall drugs in the nineteenth century were opium based.
    • The film was shot in Saint Petersburg, Vilnius, Švenčionys and in Warsaw, Stockholm as well as Göteborg, which serve here as the 19th century Eastern Borderlands. Dialogues and narratives in the film are conducted in the following languages: Polish, French, English, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Swedish, German.
    • 3-channel film installation, duration: 203'  
    • film includes scenes of nudity                   
    • Screw society, be your own icon, change. Psychoanalyze, especially the father figure, the father complex. We are all adults, yet we are all still looking for freedom like teenagers and we are exploring the topic of our fathers. We are feminists. We are free, we demand freedom and we are persistently trying to be free, or we suffer a defeat in being free. We dance, we burn, we film. (Malga Kubiak)
  • Admission free
  • For adults only
  • PSYCHOS presented at the Workspace 127 p.m.
  • 6 p.m. Małga Kubiak in conversation with Karol Sienkiewicz at the Workspace
  • Bloody Shadows screenings in the cinema: 7 p.m., 10 p.m.