The Adventures of Halvdan Viking

[Halvdan Viking], directed by Gustaf Åkerblom, Sweden 2018, 91'

A heart-warming story for the whole family about a friendship that bridges differences and brings harmony in relationships through cooperation and good will. The action takes place during the Viking Age, a long time ago, when brothers Alarik and Ragnar consumed by anger after their fathers death split their village and create two settlements: one in the east and one in the west, which will never have to deal with each other again. Halvdan is 11 years old, an orphan who lives in Östbyn with the blacksmith Björn. However, he is not a real Viking he has a limp, he lacks confidence, and has no real friends. One day he goes for a long walk and meets the fearless Meia, daughter of the king of the enemy village of Västbyn, which he has never seen before. Meia and Halvdan quickly become close friends, even though they know they come from rival camps.


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  • Film for children aged 6+
  • Language
    • Polish (dubbing)
  • Tickets
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