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Cinema of Crises

Conflict, paralysis, catastrophe – these words have become commonplace in describing many of today's events. The ecological, financial and geopolitical crisis facing humanity is a time of change and searching for ways out. Can a crisis be constructive and bring about positive change? The film review Cinema of Crises at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art explores political, climate, and economic crises as a necessary part of a deeper social change.

Is it possible for each historical turning point to have a corresponding genre that best expresses the spirit of its time? The year-round Cinema of Crises programme includes experimental documentaries that not only describe contemporary social changes, but are also a good starting point for reflection on the formal and ethical aspects of how crises are depicted.

Contemporary conflicts and their consequences, however, transcend the political, economic and social spheres –  they are accompanied by a crisis of truth, which raises questions about how these processes are portrayed. What moral problems are associated with representations of war, inequality, or migration? A crisis is a state that creates a sense of danger as well as an overwhelming sense of doom. How can we transcend the fatalism and melancholy that accompanies the decline? During the review we will consider whether crises can become moments of tension that can in turn release the energy needed to create new scenarios for the future.

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