Mushrooming at the cinema: Olanda

as part of Cinema of Crises film review

  • Olanda
    • ​directed by Bernd Schoch, Germany/Romania 2019, 154'
    • Hypnotic cinematic mushrooming. Bernd Schoch takes us to the forest as he films professional mushroom pickers who spend weeks in the Carpathian forests collecting porcini mushrooms that will be sold in Western Europe for a hefty price. The film can be a relaxing and meditative experience – like real mushrooming – but it is also a penetrating analysis of unequal relations in the capitalist world. It also fits very well in the "mycological turn" in contemporary humanities, a trend that sees an opportunity to build new relationships between people through the analysis of the kingdom of mushrooms and the fascinating mechanisms developed by these organisms.
  • This film will be screened at the U–jazdowski Cinema and on MOJEeKINO.PL 
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