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The Boxer and Death

[Boxer a Smrt], directed by Peter Solan, Czechoslovakia 1962, 102'

  • Sports-camp cinema European edition. A Slovak adaptation of Józef Hens prose based on the story of Tadeusz Pietrzykowski Polish boxer, bantamweight champion, who ends up at the death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in one of the first transports. There, recognized as a professional boxer, he ends up having several dozen fights in the camps ring. Here, as in the film Escape to Victory, sport is a way out from the camp of hell, but Solan's film shows the reality of the camp in a completely different way, by entering the canon of transfixing films about Auschwitz.
  • Screening is part of Summer Cinema at the City Garden Jazdów
  • Admission is free
Today at U–jazdowski