project in public space

{Jazdów City Garden}

{Jazdów City Garden} is an interdisciplinary long-term project implemented since January 2016, directed at working with the verdant space around the Ujazdowski Castle (especially the west side).

Together with invited experts  architects, sociologists, botanists, educators, not to mention the users of this site and as well as artists we want to reconsider the possible useful functions and social potential of green spaces in the city, deeming the square around the Ujazdowski Castle a field experiment on introducing new solutions by using the tools of art, architecture, botany, sociology, physical education, and urban studies.

A crucial aspect of the project is to increase awareness of climate change and caring for the natural resources that we use. At the same time, we want this place to be noticeable and pleasant. Our intention is to initiate a process of creating a modern park system, which will be built in the spirit of sustainable development, taking into account the diversity of perspectives and assuming that it will be changed as a result of its use.

Focusing on a specific area of the park in front of the Ujazdowski Castle does not exclude, but rather encourages you to look at the neighboring areas and ways of working with the space on Jazdów (taking into consideration the architectural, historical, and social-cultural values as well as the network of institutions located on the premises).

The element that fuses the different layers comprising the colorfulness of this part of the city is greenery, which has become a natural starting point for reflection on the condition and possible development of the area. Nature, ways of its understanding and treatment by humans, forms of dependence and the dynamics of tensions indicate a great potential for creating a social-cultural project. The project, in a subjective way, would benefit from natural resources without trying to decorate (colonize) them through art, but also without giving up the human presence in it. We want to rethink park layouts within the urban structure, leaning especially on the social aspect, shaping not only of the space, but also the community gathered around it or creating it. The park in this sense will be treated as a holistic site-specific project.


Instituton financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage