I Burn Easily

[Łatwo płonę], directed by Zofia Krawiec, Poland 2019, 30' (English friendly)

When the semi-naked photograph of the three friends finds its way illegally into a pornographic website, the women, until then as nice as pie, decide to take the matter into their own hands. We invite you to the premiere of the Instagram serial by Zofia Krawiec, in which likes are interspaced with hate e-mail.

The serial I Burn Easily, shot with a mobile phone and directed by Zofia Krawiec, is an experiment at the junction of new media and cinema. Its beginning is reminiscent of any number of TV serials in the revenge genre. Here, the simple plotline is merely a device for telling quite a different story. This new project by Zofia Krawiec, an artist, curator and feminist who has been prominent on social media, explores her interests to date: the creation of one’s own online identity and raising the topic of non-normative bodily dimensions and the need to build a sisterhood. On this occasion, Krawiec engages with the phenomenon of online hate trolls, to whom she has fallen prey herself, as did the actors that she has also involved in her project – Marta Malikowska and Aleksandra Domańska. In developing the narrative of the serial, the artist has employed the dynamics and aesthetics of popular online messaging programmes to create her own television channel based on social media. After all, each instance of streaming is a live broadcast targeting a specific audience! In constructing this Internet hybrid, Zofia Krawiec has been accompanied by the visual artist and 3-D graphic artist Sebulec, who has transformed the visual codes familiar from social media into his own creative language. There is another topic that Krawiec is intrigued by – and possibly the one that is the most impenetrable online: feelings. Love stories, something that she as for years been tracking in her curatorial activity, have also made a reappearance in this project – in order to inspire a little bit of hope in us in the present era of cyber-insecurity, as they once did on the silver screen.

  • Zofia Krawiec

    • writer, artist, curator and cultural journalist. The author of the book Miłosny performans (Love Performance; Lampa i Iskra Boża, 2016), in which she describes artworks created under the influence of strong emotions triggered by romantic relationships, and curator of the exhibition of the same title in Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin and BWA Tarnów. She co-curated the exhibition 140 beats per minute, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2017); and she curated The Girl May Seem Strong but Inside She Barely Holds On, Lokal30 (2018). She has published numerous articles and interviews in the most important Polish magazines. On a Polish online forum, she has launched a discussion of the theory of selfie-feminism, a phenomenon based on women using the new media as a new tool in their fight for subjectivity. She is also the author of the feminist project Neurotic Girl, one of the objectives of which is to expose the stereotypes about young women that have taken a firm hold in society. The Internet activity of Zofia Krawiec has triggered a flood of hate mail. She has taken on board cyber-hate directed at young women as one of the topical issues in her artistic activity.

  • Language
    • Polish, subtitles in English
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    • 10 zł for visitor card holders