Chris Marker 1st compilation

The Jetty

Be Seeing You

  • The Jetty
  • [La jetée], directed by Chris Marker, 1962, 28'
  • language: English, subtitles: Polish
    • Markers most famous film. It quite quickly gained cult status and made a significant impact on cinema. The story of love in post-apocalyptic France and time travel is constructed almost entirely from still photos. Perhaps, La Jetée inspires to such an extent because it combines moving poetry, profound philosophical reflection, formal experiment, and purebred genre cinema. Thus, this is one of the most important films in SF history.

  • Junkopia 
  • directed by Chris Marker, 1981, 6'
    • A short, silent, poetic documentary that was created as a result of filming fragments of Sans soleil devoted to Alfred Hitchcocks Vertigo. In Emeryville Mudflats in San Francisco, anonymous, abandoned art objects are given to the mercy of the ocean.

  • Be Seeing You
  • [A bientôt jespère], directed by Chris Marker, 1968, 55'
  • language: French, subtitles: English, Polish
    • The film tells the story of a strike action at a textile factory in Besançon in March 1967. This event, documented by Marker and Mario Marret, is believed to be a presage of what happened in France a year later. For the first time, workers not only demanded improvements in their working conditions, but also in the conditions of their lives, which capitalism was offering them.
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