[Nikah] directed by Mukaddas Mijit and Bastien Ehouzan, 2022, 56'

U-jazdowski Cinema and the Sinopsis research group invite you to a special screening of the film Nikah (directed by Mukaddas Mijit and Bastien Ehouzan, 2022) followed by a discussion about the Uyghur genocide with the participation of invited guests: the director Mukaddas Mijit, the activist Rushan Abbas and the sinologist dr Włodziemierz Cieciura (PhD).

The event accompanies the exhibition Tell China’s Story Well.

It is 2017 in the Uyghur region. Dilber is a 27-year-old single woman who is preparing for the wedding of her younger sister Rena. Mean comments from their relatives make the sisters’ mother decide to marry off the older Dilber as soon as possible as well.

While Rena tries to settle into her new family, the daily unexplained arrests of representatives of the Uyghur community begin. Meanwhile, facing pressure to marry, Dilber receives an unusual suggestion of a solution from a friend…

Join us for a discussion on forced assimilation of the Xinjiang community raised in the film with our guests:

Mukaddas Mijit – ethnomusicologist, director and artist born in Ürümqi in the Uyghur region. She is the author of documentaries created in France on traditional Uyghur artistic practices including dance. In 2016, she lectured on audiovisual anthropology. Nikah, co-directed with Bastien Ehouzan, is her first medium-length film.

Rushan Abbas – American activist of Uyghur descent. She is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organisation Campaign for Uyghurs.

Dr Włodzimierz Cieciura (PhD) – graduate of International Relations (Eastern Specialisation) at the University of Łódź, PhD in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Łódź (2010) on the basis of the thesis Muzułmanie chińscy wobec nowoczesności. Między radykalizmem i chińskim nacjonalizmem. 1893-1957 [Chinese Muslims vs Modernity. Between Radicalism and Chinese Nationalism. 1893-1957]. Lecturer in the Sinology department at the University of Warsaw since 2010.

The discussion will be moderated by Sylwia Czubkowska.

The meeting will be held in English.

The event is co-organised by the Sinopsis research group.

  • Free tickets available at the info desk.