Night filmophile half-marathon

Promotion of the book Nowa Kinofilia: przestrzenie i afekty
Pierrot le Fou,
directed by Jean-Luc Godard, France/Italy 1965
Kung Fury, directed by David Sandberg, Sweden 2015

  • Today, filmophilia (also known as cinephilia) is clearly different from the source forms and practices related to, above all, the new wave breakthrough and post-war generational change in European cinema. However, despite the repeatedly mentioned visions of the "death of cinema," it is still a living and creative phenomenon. Because it is always worthwhile to think about why we love cinema, even if we often have a problem with answering the question of what it is or what it is to us. The pretext for organizing a night of love for cinema is a recently published book devoted to the theories and practices of Nowa Kinofilia [New Cinephilia], which may, at the same time, lead to taking a second look at the films of creators identifying themselves with the cinephilia environment and to proposing less obvious ways of watching the latest cinema. We invite you for a night of love sighs as well as guilty pleasures that would satisfy any cinephile.


  • 20:00
    • Discussion about the book Nowa Kinofilia: przestrzenie i afekty [New Cinephilia: spaces and affects, book is only available in Polish] (edited by Karolina Kosińska and Paulina Kwiatkowska, Fundacja MAMMAL, Warsaw 2018) with the participation of invited guests, editors and authors: Małgorzata Sadowska, Bartosz Żurawiecki, Klaudia Rachubińska and Paulina Kwiatkowska. The book will be available before the screening at a promotional price.
  • 21:30
    • Pierrot le Fou
      • directed by Jean-Luc Godard, France/Italy 1965, 110'
      • language: French, subtitles: Polish
  • 23:30
    • Kung Fury
      • directed by David Sandberg, Sweden 2015, 30'
      • dubbing: Polish (with voice of Tomasz Knapik)

Admission free
Discussion will be held in Polish