film screening and discussion


Od–jazd Film Club meeting

  • Mommy
    • directed by Xavier Dolan, Canada, 2014, 140'

  • Quebec in a near future. A widowed woman raises her troubled teenage son on her own. The boy suffers from ADHD and has difficulties in controlling his emotions. Unexpectedly, a mysterious neighbour, Kyla, appears in their life, her presence allowing the mother and the son to regain hope for a better future.
    • Mommy is the fifth film of Xavier Dolan, enfant chéri (the golden boy), as he was described at the Cannes Film Festival. Debuting as a director and a screenwriter at the age of 20, Dolan shook up the world of cinema and his career blasted off – at 29, he had already made eight full-length and internationally acclaimed productions. Mommy takes up one of the Canadian director's favourite themes in an extraordinarily poignant manner, exploring the complexity of the relationship between mother and son. Dolan's cinema seduces with its exceptional sensuality, fascinates with its emotional saturation and enchants with a perfectly deliberate music video style which enriches the images with new meanings. The novelty and ingenuity of the formal solutions places some of the scenes from Mommy among the most interesting achievements in the history of cinema.
  • What are the most important determinants of Dolan's style?
    • How can form and content cooperate in the creation of a film story?
  • What is a sensual reception of cinema?
    • We will try to answer these and many other questions together with our club's expert, Ewa Szponar, PhD. We invite you to the screening and discussion, during which you will be able to ask questions and share your ideas on how to interpret the film. What do you think Mommy is about? We want to hear your opinion!
  • Dr Ewa Szponar (PhD)
    • graduate of College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences and film studies at the Jagiellonian University. Doctor of arts studies, lecturer at the Warsaw Film School. She combines her didactic work with passion for journalism. She has cooperated with the magazines EKRANy, KINO, FILM, among others, as well as the portals Onet.pl and Przekroj.pl. She is writing a book on European film festivals. In her free time, she embraces pop culture.
  • Language
    • Film in English with Polish subtitles
    • Lecture and debate in Polish
  • Screening as part of Film Club {OD–JAZD}.
  • Tickets 5 zł