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Film Club

  • Film Club Od–jazd has a unique way of joining two areas: film education – acquainting the young viewer with key concepts, titles, trends and figures from the world of film – and mobilisation of the audience to participate in creating the substance of the club meetings and discussions, which invoke the tradition of film societies.
  • Od–jazd Film Club is:
    • a cinephiles’ treasure hunt and a unique opportunity to meet and talk with outstanding cinema experts, who will present own interpretations of their beloved films;
    • a cycle of 20 meetings consisting of lectures by the experts, film screenings and open discussions. 
  • The main goals of the club are fostering critical thinking about the cinema and an interest of its history and encouraging the viewers to analyse and interpret cinematographic works independently.
  • The film club’s programme is divided into three topics: 
    • Longing for freedom
      • This cycle is starred by rebels: warriors fighting against enslavement who often pay the highest price for freedom. There are different types of enslavement and different methods used by the insubordinate protagonists to pave their own paths, as well as diverse ways of filming rebellion.
    • Strength of character
      • A cycle of films about people who have shown their grit in a moment of trial. A discussion on what strength of character is, how important it may be when fighting for what is most important, and how such struggle is portrayed in films. We will analyse cinematographic images of the opposition between strength and weakness and the dangers of grit when it becomes the source of pride and fall. 
    • Mirror of relationships
      • Films about complications in human relationships. We will reflect upon the different ways the roles we play – be it within our families, among friends, at work or at school – are portrayed by the cinema. We will discuss how feelings and relationships with other people can influence our identity and inspire us to redefine our value system.  
  • The offering of the film club is addressed to:
    • – teenagers and high school students;
    • – students of filmography, culture studies and other humanities and arts;
    • – young people interested in film and its history who wish to develop in that direction, broaden their knowledge of film and audiovisual arts;
    • – people considering a career as a film critic or expert, director, actor, filmmaker, cinema owner – anyone who wishes to work in the film industry;
    • – every cinephile – the film club is an inclusive educational tool with no prior knowledge required.


  • By participating in the film club meetings and accompanying events, the viewers will:
    • – gain the competence of film reception, analysis and interpretation using established interpretative keys;
    • – gain the competence of individual assessment of the viewed cultural texts, expressing their opinion and justifying it properly, being creative and proposing new, even seemingly zoomed out interpretations; 
    • – gain the capability of placing works in a wider historical and cultural context;
    • – gain knowledge of the most important concepts and contexts related to cinematography;
    • – become familiar with exceptional artists of modern and old cinema;
    • – develop a love of cinema as an art and a means to describe the world and build valuable human relations.
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  • The first edition of the film club ended on 04/07/2022. The second edition will start in October 2022. More information soon.