Family weekend with Kids Cinema

Screenings of short films and workshops at the exhibition Touch the Art

A week before the 6th Kids Kino International Film Festival, The New Horizons Association and the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art joyously invite to an event part of the Family Weekend with Kids Cinema film screenings at the cinema, followed by free art workshops at the sensory exhibition Touch the Art, conducted by Hanna Zwierzchowska, an educator at Ujazdowski.

    • The Big Adventure of a Little Line
    • [La Grande Histoire d'un petit trait], directed by Antoine Robert, France 2016, 8'
      • Once upon a time, a boy finds a small red line on the street and puts it into his pocket. The line turns out to be alive! Taken in by the boy, it grows up with him, takes on various shapes, and becomes his friend on his way through life.

    • The Pocket Man
    • [Le Petit Bonhomme de poche], directed by Ana Chubinidze, France 2016, 8'
      • The pocket man lives in a suitcase in the middle of a busy pavement. A stamp in a frame, a stool from a screw, and a trumpet made from a straw it seems like this suitcase has everything! Unfortunately, one day, he finds that his home is being repeatedly kicked over by a stranger! Who is the perpetrator of this hullabaloo? The cutout animation teaches that appearances are deceptive and sometimes we are not aware of the troubles caused to others.
    • Rabbit and Deer
    • [Nyuszi és őz], directed by Péter Vácz, Hungary 2013, 13'
      • The rabbit and deer live together happily and carefree. The deer, however, does not quite like the reality that surrounds him it is too flat. An unsuccessful three-dimensional experiment causes these friends to become separated. The deer begins to function in the three-dimensional world, but the rabbit remains in two dimensions. Everything starts going wrong. Will these friends find a way to be together?