Welcome to Sodom

directed by Christian Krönes and Florian Weigensamer, Austria 2018, 94' (English friendly)

Welcome to Agbogbloshiethe world's largest graveyard for electronic equipment. Every year, a quarter of a million tons of electro-waste from the West is illegally dumped here. Hundreds of people take apart these electronic gadgets with hammers and crowbars to recover copper and aluminum. It is a real hell on earththe air is constantly filled with toxic black smoke from pervasive fires, wherein the wires burn. The dark film by Weigensammer and Krönes perfectly reflects the apocalyptic atmosphere of Sodomwhat the locals call the dump. The sophisticated scenes are accompanied by the stories of the people working here as well as the music they create. This is the dark side of progress, which we prefer not to think about when buying a new smartphone.