special screening

White Cube

directed by Wojtek Pustoła, Poland 2018, 68' (English friendly)

Carrara is an Italian town famous for white marble extraction. It is a uniquely preserved world. A time machine, based on traditional values. A place that has always been a Mecca for sculptors, for whom crafts was and still is the basis for a relationship with the holy stone.

Modern technology has shaken the foundations of this world with the development of an Antropomorpho robot. The machine, constructed on the basis of the movement of the human hand, can carve any 3D marble shape from a computer file. The consequences of this cybernetic revolution in the field of stone sculpture is obviousit is the beginning of the end. Despite this, the Taliban of sculptures, as local artists call themselves, are not giving up. Marble, they say, needs love and time. However, there is no time. Time is money.

The means of production in art have changed. Yet there are still no good answers to related questions: What is work on a work of art today? What is the quality of work on a work of art? And perhaps the most important of themwhat exactly is an artwork today?

The creative documentary of Wojtek Pustoła, maintained in the aesthetics of slow cinema, immerses the viewer into the depths of the complex world of Carrara, revealing what is usually hidden in layers.

  • Special pre-premiere screenings accompanying Wojtek Pustoła CUT exhibition
  • Language: Italian, subtitles: Polish, English
  • Tickets: 16 zł regular, 14 zł reduced, 10 zł with visitor card
  • Admission free to Wojtek Pustoła CUT exhibition for holders of White Cube cinema tickets