Kill It and Leave This Town

directed by Mariusz Wilczyński, Poland 2020, 88' (English friendly)

  • The animation by Mariusz Wilczyński is much more than a film, as the author dedicated 14 years of life to producing this incredible, personal project. The result is a chilling journey into his own and his countrys past, conjuring the spirits of people and places, a therapeutic tale about family and a moving tribute to friendship. This full-length debut of the first Polish animator to have a retrospective at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa) emerged from the need to understand, forgive, and love. The film by Wilczyński revives childhood with all its baggage of suffering and wonder, it summons those who have passed away, thus giving them a new life. Immersed in details, colours, dialogues, sounds, situations and voices from past memories, Kill It and Leave This Town becomes a chronicle of childhood in the Polish Peoples Republic and adolescence during the democratic transition, a story about Polands transformation and its suddenly blushing greyness. Winner of the Golden Lions award for Best Film at the Polish Film Festival.


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