Meeting with Salim Tamari

Sky Spies: Religion and Technology vying for control from up above

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to a meeting with Salim Tamari as part of finissage of Everyday Forms of Resitance exhibition.

Aerial Photography and Cartography won a major victory in the field for surveillance and control during WWI. Salim Tamari will review three major themes from the exhibit presented at the Qattan Foundation in Ramallah entitled: Palestine from Above.

The event in English will take place in the exhibition space. Admission fee is included in the price of the exhibition ticket.


Salim Tamari 

is an IPS senior fellow and the former director of the IPS-affiliated Institute of Jerusalem Studies. He is the editor of Jerusalem Quarterly. He is a professor of sociology (Emeritus) at Birzeit University.  He has authored several works on urban culture, political sociology, biography and social history, and the social history of the Eastern Mediterranean.