Five days of work

Closing of the hyslom Itte kaette: Back and Forth exhibition

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to the last days of hyslom Itte kaette: Back and Forth exhibition: performances, guided tours and a farewell party with karaoke bar.

Each day, one of the exhibition spaces will host the stone. The performance will be a practical test of the element of matter, memory and risks arising from collaborative work.

The exhibition Itte kaette: Back and Forth flourishes thanks to the artists creating the hyslom collective and those who join them in field activities. They share the joy of equal and anarchic practices, thanks to which art can emerge. It also thrives thanks to the living and changing matter and temporality included in the exhibition. This is just a stop on the journey of hyslom and the stone that we could arrange at the Ujazdowski Castle. To end this stage of the journey, we invite you to join us during five days of activities in the exhibition space.

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