Itte Kaette. Back and Forth

Itte Kaette. Back and Forth is the first European exhibition of the hyslom collective a rising star of Japanese art. Contrary to the capitalist logic of transfers of goods and services, the artists travel around Poland with a stone that weighs two hundred kilograms, relying on the  forces of nature, help from the people they meet, and chance. At Ujazdowski, they build mountains out of wood, cardboard boxes, and sand an anarchic reinterpretation of the myth of Sisyphus. The exhibition space is filled with film as well as photographic records of happenings implemented along the way that create the strange landscape of contemporary Poland. One of the rooms, however, was devoted solely to pigeons.

hyslom creates the art of a contemporary, disturbed landscape through happenings consisting in discovering the properties of matter and places in improvised play. The titled "Back and Forth" regards movement in space portrayed in various scales and, symbolically, a return to the basic fact of living together, as a challenge and adventure.

  • Opening
    • 7/12/2019 (Saturday)
  • Bacground photo: film still. Author: hyslom, 2019 © hyslom.
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