The Blue Revolution

workshops accompanying the exhibition Itte kaette: Back and Forth by the hyslom collective

What is persicaria tinctoria (a traditional indigo dye) used for? How is it connected to the disaster of the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant in 2011?

During the workshops, Hayashi Gohei will present the entire process as well as his concept of working with this plant and in addition, he will tell us the various stories and histories related to it. He has been interested in natural radioactivity for quite some time and what's more, he actually cultivates persicaria tinctoria in the disaster area. He called his nursery A Blue Revolution in the Nuclear Age, and together with the group he began the project The Traveling Fabric. Its purpose is to use material produced in the territory of a given country, then dye it there together, and finish the process in Japan. Polish flax and beeswax will be used to create a calendar for 2020 during the meeting at Ujazdowski. After the workshop, Gohei will take the fabrics with him to Japan, where he will finish the dyeing process and will then send them back to Poland. After they fulfill their function here, they will be used in the future for other projects.


  • Hayashi Gohei doctor of medical sciences, ecologist, specializes in issues related to public health, particularly in the care of persons affected by disasters. Interested in natural radioactivity and the process of dyeing with natural plant dyes.

  • The number of places is limited, therefore we kindly ask you to reserve your spot prior to the event

  • Admission included in the price of the exhibition ticket. You will be able to pay for the workshop at the ticket office on the day of the event.

  • The workshops will be held in Japanese, but will be translated into Polish.


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