Wojtek Pustoła


  • Wojtek Pustoła
    • is a visual artist, filmmaker, sculptor and set designer. Born in 1980 in Warsaw, he graduated in the the Faculty of Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and in Intermedia from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. Pustoła has developed a characteristic minimalist style, visible in his sculptural, scenographic, cinematic and performative works. In theatre, he is a devotee of anti-scenography, searching for the most economical ways of creating space and stage objects, the function of which, however, is always superior to aesthetics. He is also the author of White Cube (2018), a documentary set in the poetics of slow cinema a film about revolutionary changes in the technique of stone processing and the consequences of these changes. He is the author of marble sculptures, which he creates in the technique of direct cutting, unusual for stone. For years associated with the Tuscan region of Massa-Carrara, where his stone sculptures and film works are made. In 20132018 he collaborated with theatre director Wojtek Ziemilski on the concept and set design of numerous theatrical performances, including the award-winning show One Gesture about the world of the deaf.

  • Exhibition opening
  • 18/01/2019
    • 6:00 pm
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Wojtek Pustoła
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