audio theatre

God and Dust

Part Five

God and Dust is a series of experimental shows at the intersection of performance art, music, and visual arts, based on an original theatre play by Tomasz Man. They are rendered in the form of audio theatre – a sound-based show: an attempt to translate the traditional format of radio drama into the live stage.

Sound is produced on stage by the actors and musicians using various instruments, not only musical ones, as well as amplified everyday items. The use of special techniques (such as piezoelectric converters or contact microphones) allows, on the one hand, for hearing ordinary objects, and on the other, for using them in the process of musical composition or improvisation.

In the series of performances, the dramaturge undertakes to reinterpret familiar motifs from the Old Testament. God and Dust is the story of man who, having been expelled from paradise, seeks to reach an understanding with his creator. The play raises questions about the origins of religions, the circumstances, and conditions in which monotheistic religion developed, the way in which the dogmas of the faith were established.

God and Dust. Part Five is devoted to divine and human law. The prophet Solomon, the Jewish priest Mattathias, and the prophet Daniel all appear on stage. Solomon attempts to justify his decisions in relation to the commandments – his thousand wives are the subject of an uneasy conversation with Satan. Mattathias kills in the name of religious principles – does respect of divine law justify going as far as committing a crime? The prophet Daniel strives for orthodoxy in following the ten commandments.


  • Actors
    • Jacek Braciak
    • Adam Woronowicz
  • Written and directed by
    • Tomasz Man
The performance has been financed by
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  • Language
    • Polish
  • Tickets
    • 40 zł regular
    • 20 zł reduced
    • soon available in the main hall of the Ujazdowski Castle
    • performance will take place in the Laboratory building