Maria Klassenberg. Ecstasies

Direction, concept: Katarzyna Kalwat

“Ecstasies is a performance-installation-exhibition, built around the biography and work of Maria Klassenberg, a forgotten figure of contemporary art. At the opening of the exhibition of her works, the artist confronts herself with a personal history of her relations with her daughter. The context for this is provided by her works recordings of performances, objects and installations.

“Ecstasies take the form of a theatrical installation intended for a gallery space. The voices of the artist and the personally involved observer her daughter create a multidimensional portrait of a figure omitted from 20th century art history textbooks.

An additional context will be provided by the commentary of an invited art critic. The exhibition accompanying the performance will present the archives of Maria Klassenberg prepared by Aneta Grzeszykowska in cooperation with Jan Smaga. The space of the performance will be at the same time an exhibition space accessible to visitors before and after the performance.

30/03 there will be closed show as part of Generation After 3. Showcase.

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