Anja Carr

Eat! Eat!

  • Anja Carr’s video Eat! Eat! (2010) is a ‘Kitchen TV-series’ – a performance-video made for the old 4:3-format TV; 7 episodes, no cuts and 41 minutes all together. In the video Carr – as a very fast anthropomorphic cat with white gloves inspired by Disney – demonstrates how to make seven different absurd dishes, with abject and sometimes sexual elements, and desperately tries to feed the viewer through the camera. It is shoot in her previous private kitchen in Bergen, Norway and in the end of each episode she drives away in her dad’s old car. The intro is based on a TV-series for children.
  • Anja Carr
    • Her 30 solo exhibitions include QB Gallery (Oslo, NO), Skåne Art Association (Malmö, SE), the Agency Gallery (London, UK) x 2 and Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (Trondheim, NO). Recent group exhibitions are Photo London 2018, Somerset House (London), Oslo Fashion Art Festival 2017, Mellomstasjonen/The National Museum (Oslo), When Will I Be Little Again?, Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTEKA (Kraków, PL) among others. Carr has performed at venues like NOoSPHERE (NYC), Miami Performance International Festival (Miami, FL), Le Générateur (Paris, FR) and W139 (Amsterdam, NL). She has founded and run PINK CUBE gallery in Oslo for five years and is one of forty artists from across the globe featured in the 2017-book Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze by Charlotte Jansen, Laurence King Publishing (London, UK), available in several museum book shops.
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