Małpeczki (Maria Magdalena Kozłowska i Maria Toboła)

You Must Eat This!

  • As part of PTV: Performance TV, Małpeczki (Little Monkeys) will present a bastardised version of a chef show with audience participation. Their shared dream about the birth of a goblin chef (Gabi) will turn into a feast that provides an excuse for a journey through culinary worlds, scintillating with the different colours of class, context and form, with objects as the main protagonists. The dishes, or rather sculptures, will tell the story of their origin through the voice of a British aristocratic lady, an Uber driver and an Italian housewife – accompanied by live Polish improvised jazz.
  • Małpeczki
    • They are superheroes of art and culture – the artistic duo of Maria Toboła – a visual artist, sculptor and performance artist, and Maria Magdalena Kozłowska – a voice performance artist, singer and director, who have been working together since 2015. They primarily produce an online variety show filled with sketches, songs and guest appearances by other artists. They make essays at the intersection of video art, theatre and performance art on specific issues, such as death, respect, the creative process and money. Their work is founded on repetition: both the Marias, who share a physical similarity, speak in unison, in the quaintly old-fashioned manner of 1970s heart-throbs. Monkeys’ other personas present them as tricksters, TV programme hosts, detectives, gurus and hooligans. Their adventures have been presented by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, the Zona Sztuki Aktualnej in Szczecin and the Bęc Zmiana Foundation.
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    • 15 zł
    • available at U–jazdowski cash desk