PTV:Performance TV

Chapter 2

  • Is television deador are we living in a post-TV era? Can everyone have their own channel? PTV: Performance TV is an experimental performative program in the form of a television studio. The starting point is the impact of the medium and its idiom on current artistic practices.
    • We have invited contemporary artists who employ a broad range of formats, such as soap opera, talk shows, documentary, and video clipsand also those who proclaim the death of television and are out to prove that it is the Internet that has taken over TVs former function in society. The project draws on the democratic nature of the latter medium, based on the idea that everybody can create their own TV today.

  • In 2017, the PTV: Performance TV project is being carried out in three parts, which will take place on selected weekends in October, November, and December. PTV: Performance TV will be broadcast terrestrially through performances, discussions, and projections at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art as well as throughout the network of a specially set up YouTube channel to cater for works that use the Internet as their medium of choice.

  • How to change the world using the video camera or how can you create your own world? In Chapter 2 we will take on board the fascinating history of TV in the context of queer theory, with the help of Gavin Butt, researcher of performance art. We will see the latest episode of CONGLOMERATE TV and will get to know the protagonists of the micro soap opera Desde El Jardín, scripted and directed by Sol Calero and Dafna Maimon. The stage sets and props used in the film are works of art! We also invite you to visit Locus Solus park. Its owner, the scientist and inventor Doctor Martial Canterel, will show visitors his radical experiments and inventions. On Sunday, Trasformalor invites you for a cosmic trip to a furniture shop. Dominika Olszowy will shoot the following parts of the series in her TV studio. If  you miss it, you can watch our program later on YouTube! To be continued.
  • Coming soon...
    • Dominika Olszowy will be inviting new guests to the TV studio; Marta Ziółek will invite guests to join in creating the world of Pamela, contemporary trickster par excellence, and Jeremy Wade will take on the persona of a female nurse, whose queer talk show advertises a society of the future. In December there will be the premier of the experimental project by Michael Portnoy. You will be able to sign up to take part in personal training conducted online by performers from New York.


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