audio theatre

The Island

A performance directed by Tomasz Man

"The Island" is a story about our dreams. Dreams that instead of "happy islands" led us to a world that needs to be named anew because it still exists. Whether we will be able to find our way, whether we will be able to break through and get out of the state of isolation, whether we will become more responsible, it remains to be seen. The main characters of the play are a married couple who end up on an island. They live isolated from the rest of a world that is unknown to exist. Are these really the only two survivors? They don't know it. We don't know either. They return to the past when everything was still in its place, including conflicts, mutual regrets and disappointed hopes. They forget that their world is a world after a disaster. Isolation is the lack of communication and the illusion that the constantly regenerating nature has survived and... love that "removes" all pride.


Cast: Maja Ostaszewska, Andrzej Chyra.
Music: Paweł Romańczuk, Tomasz Man.
Scenography: Anetta Piekarska-Man.
Visualizations: Zuzanna Piekarska.
Text and direction: Tomasz Man.

PLN 40 normal
PLN 20 reduced-fare
available online and at the ticket office in the main hall of Ujazdowski Castle

Performance in the Wojciech Krukowski Hall in the Laboratory - building next to the Ujazdowski Castle.

On the day of the event the box office will be open only at the Laboratory from 18:30.

[performance in polish]