Jean-Pascal Flavien

Los Angeles models
[Makiety Los Angeles]

Los Angeles models, is a series of 43 models of architecture, mainly for houses, realized in Los Angeles from 1999 until 2002. Each models is a sort of notation or a script for a potential building or life. Each model is put away in a labeled shoebox, which constitutes a second and third layer of notations, be it the style and word on the design of the shoebox and the sticker, which specifies the size, color, ideas involved in the house, accompanied by a small diagram. This display is drawing a parallel between fitting a shoe, walking in a city or in a landscape, and inhabiting a house, and live in a place. The boxes are stacked on group shelves and benches, inviting to read the labels. At the demand of the visitor a person will open the boxes and display a model at a time on the table. She or he will present the specific qualities of the house and unfold its script.