Adelina Cimochowicz

Utrata / Loss, or the History of a Long-held Mistake

  • We are happy that you want to visit the Ujazdowski Castle. We want all our visitors and employees to feel safe, that is why we kindly ask you to follow these rules.

  • If you feel unwell, please stay at home. Take care of yourself and protect others.

  • After entering the Castle please disinfect your hands using the available disinfectant liquid.

  • Make sure to cover your nose and mouth. You must wear a face mask during your visit at the castle and in the exhibition. 

  • You may buy the ticket at the cash desk. Please avoid cash payments, use card payment instead. On Thursdays admission is free, please collect your free ticket at the information point in the main hall of the Ujazdowski Castle.

  • Keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres from other people.

  • Maximum number of visitors at any one time in the main hall is 8 people.

  • Maximum number of visitors at any one time in the exhibition in the Project Room is 7 people.

  • Avoid contact with surfaces that others might have touched.

  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose.

  • For your safety the cloakroom remains closed.

  • Toilets are on the ground floor, on the right side from the staircase leading to the Project Room and in front of the restaurant Instalacje Art Bistro.

  • The upstairs toilet next to the exhibition is the designated accessible toilet.

  • For safety reasons guided tours, educational workshops and group visits have been cancelled and flyers have been removed. Therefore we encourage you to read the curatorial text.

  • Opening
    • 13/08/2020, 19:0022:00
    • On the day of the opening admission is free.
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