Antonina Konopelska

All that we has

The Turtle Knows What’s Under The Shell
aka The Search Of A Costume Designer

I was first introduced to Antonina Konopelska at her Photography Exhibit in Santa Monica, California. I was immediately drawn to the scale and persona of her portraits. I felt they were in silent conversations with me. They stepped out of frame as fully dressed individuals. As an Observer, I completed her Persons. As a Costume Designer, I saw Antonina’s understanding of character, both inside and out  which is the essence of our search. The connection between Lena and a Costume Designer is simple and direct  Lena is gathering facts, figures, and anecdotes from within her multifaceted psyche. In All that we has, under the direction of Antonina, Lena, the Protagonist of the Project, ultimately dresses her Subjects from her closets, her daily finds, and mounds of clothing provided for her choosing. Ultimately, and most importantly, Lena finds herself codesigning  she emerges as a Costume Designer in front of her crew. A true fete. As a Costume Designer  I am given a script, a Director’s concept, and a Cast list  under the umbrella of The Producer(s)  so many more participants  so many credits. WE CAN NOT WORK ALONE  We fail if We try to be single artists  We are a company  a troupe  of settled wanderers. We are storytellers watching the actor become the character they are playing. During a fitting, it is the golden moment for any Costumer Designer when the Actor looks in the mirror and breathes the character into the clothes, and the clothes become the Costume  the fitting ceases. As we walk down the street we see Lena and her crew in real life. We see them as authentic individuals, so many that we are blinded by the rush  yet take time to be biased by diversity. We miss so many… so many past and future parts of our world, those living in Lena’s System…

  • Curator
    • Julie Weiss
  • Exhibition opening
    • 09/06/2022 (Thursday)
      • 19:00—22:00
      • admission free
  • Exhibition is on view through
    • 17/07/2022
  • Admission is free on Thursdays
Tuesday 11:00—19:00
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Antonina Konopelska